Enterprise Capacity Manager

A software system, ECM is designed for use by satellite operators and satellite service providers. ECM also integrates all aspects of satellite capacity sales, planning, management, and operations into a single system. ECM brings together marketing, sales, engineering, operations, procurement, contracts, finance, and executive management into a single system. With its variety of features, a modern graphical user interface, use of cutting-edge software technologies, and Optimal Satcom support service and training, ECM is easy to deploy, easy to learn, easy to manage, and a pleasure to use. Click the button below to read more about our Enterprise Capacity Manager.


An advanced satellite transmission engineering tool, Complan is used for design, analysis, optimization, and troubleshooting of satellite communications networks. Complan can simultaneously plan and optimize hundreds or thousands of links in an entire network, or even an entire satellite. Anyone who manages a large amount of satellite capacity or who operates large or complex satellite networks will potentially benefit from the use of Complan. Utilizing Complan, capacity engineers can manage higher volumes of capacity than are possible with traditional link budget tools or in-house developed systems. Click the button below to read more about Complan.

Customer Link Budget Tool

A tool that satellite operators can easily customize with their own data and provide to their customers, CLBT is able to perform link budgets. It is a sophisticated link budget tool that includes all necessary satellite technical data, performance specifications, frequency plans, and maps required for computing link budgets.  Its modern intuitive user interface makes it a pleasure to use, and builds customer goodwill. Customized variations of CLBT are rebranded and distributed by a number of Optimal Satcom’s satellite operator customers. Click the button below to learn more about CLBT.

SATCOM Web Tools

SATCOM Web Tools are a collection of commonly used tools satellite operators can easily customize with their own data and place on their website for their customers. These include Look Angle Calculator, Sun Outage Calculator, Ephemeris and Center of Box Calculator. Employing the most accurate available algorithms and web development practices, and supported by databases that preload satellite operator’s data, SATCOM Web Tools are designed to be accurate and easy to use. Click the button below for more information about SATCOM Web Tools.

Antenna Coverage Program

The Antenna Coverage Program (ACP) is a general purpose, full-featured software tool for satellite antenna coverage mapping and visualization. It has the capability to generate and plot all types of coverage maps required for accurate visualization of spacecraft performance and planning and management of the space segment.  ACP is used by systems engineers, antenna designers, and marketing specialists to perform a variety of functions, such as comparing and assessing satellite coverage areas, examining the effects on coverage of a satellite in inclined orbit, performing coverage availability analysis using rain statistics, and planning the location of a new satellite. Click the button below to read more about ACP.

Link Analysis Program

LINK is a general-purpose tool for analyzing a communications link between two earth stations via a satellite in any orbit. LINK takes into account the signal gains and losses in order to determine overall characterization of the performance of the link. The user specifies the relevant parameters for a single communications link, including information on transmit earth station, satellite transponder, carrier, and receive earth station. LINK then determines link performance (e.g., required carrier-to-noise ratio (C/N)) or transmit EIRP. Click the button below to read more about LINK.

Propagation Analysis Program

The Propagation Analysis Program is the most comprehensive tool available for computing propagation impairments in an earth-satellite link. It includes several propagation models: COMSAT PAP, Comsat DAH, Crane Two-Component, and ITU-R P.618 models. It models rain fade, depolarization, G/T degradation, tropospheric scintillation, cloud attenuation, gaseous absorption, melting-layer attenuation, and Faraday rotation. Results are generated in the form of Excel reports and plots. Click the button below to read more about PAP.

Sun Outage Calculator

Sun Outage Calculator (SunOut) is used to predict the duration and severity of outages due to solar transits of satellites (as seen from the receive terminal). SunOut includes sophisticated models for the sun transit, the noise model of the sun, and the receive antenna characteristics, and is the most accurate tool of its kind. SunOut includes a single and batch mode, and has configurable thresholds (noise temperature increase, G/T degradation, and C/N degradation). Results are generated in the form of customizable PDF reports. Click the button below to read more about SunOut.