Perform real-time dynamic resource management for large worldwide multi-orbit, multi-band satellite networks with thousands of terminals

Process multi-stream analytics in real-time and perform root-cause analyses to gain deep insights into the operations of your networks and help optimize network performance


Leverage the world’s fastest link-budget engine to perform real-time assessment of expected network performance, throughput, and beam capacity


Perform long-term trend analyses to establish patterns of demand and develop business strategy maximizing commercial metrics such as $/Mbit/s/month and $/GB

About Neuron®

Neuron is an advanced analytics and dynamic resource management product that is used for the real-time analysis and optimization of satellite networks operating on multiple satellites (GEO / MEO / LEO) and multiple bands. It uses a scalable high-performance architecture and is capable of real-time data acquisition, analytics processing, analysis, and optimization of large networks with thousands or tens of thousands of terminals operating worldwide utilizing multiple beams and gateways.


Neuron interfaces with commercial and military network management systems (NMSs), and other data sources to gather real-time analytics on the location, traffic demand, utilization, and performance of terminals. It utilizes terminal-type databases and product catalogs to understand terminal specifications, SLAs, and service parameters. It can also interface with other systems to gather multi-stream analytics that provide additional information about terminal, network, and satellite performance.


Neuron leverages the highly accurate and detailed link-budget computation engine of Enterprise Capacity Manager (ECM) – the industry’s gold standard for link engineering –  to compute the expected performance of terminals based on their instantaneous reported location. By comparing the measured and predicted performance, Neuron is able to gain deep insight into the performance of the networks and perform sophisticated root-cause analyses to gain situational awareness of issues that may be impacting network performance. Such issues include terminal faults, misconfigurations, blockage, jamming and EMI,  weather degradations, gateway failures, and satellite failures.

Neuron’s sophisticated analysis and optimization algorithms can perform real-time assessment of beam capacity, and quickly reassign impacted traffic to other beams in response to congestion, traffic demand, jamming and interference, and gateway/satellite failures.


Neuron is also able to compute real-time business metrics such as spectral efficiency and cost of service delivery and optimize networks to allow service providers to achieve the highest level of operational efficiency and maximize service revenue.


Neuron is used by satellite service providers operating satellite networks that operate over multiple satellites and beams, including maritime, in-flight connectivity (IFC), disaster recovery and backup connectivity,  military, and civilian networks. Anyone who manages or operates large or complex satellite networks will potentially benefit from the use of Neuron.

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Interaction with Other Optimal Satcom Products

Enterprise Capacity Manager® (ECM™)

Neuron leverages and extends the capabilities of ECM to perform dynamic resource management and optimization for real-time networks. The satellites, transponders, beams, networks, leases, networks, terminal types, and modems being analyzed and managed in Neuron are defined in ECM. Neuron uses ECM’s highly accurate and detailed link-budget engine to assess the expected performance of terminals based on their instantaneously reported positions – the ECM link-budget engine is the world’s fastest link budget engine, capable of performing well over 10,000+ link calculations a second. Root-cause analysis of deviation between predicted and measured performance provides intelligent situational awareness.