Optimal Satcom is the world-expert in the areas of satellite capacity planning, resource optimization, link analysis, SATCOM network design, and trade-off analysis. We provide technical consulting to SATCOM companies and satellite operators to help them solve challenging problems. We are pleased to offer several courses to teach professionals a variety of topics ranging from terminology to network design to ITU regulations. We also offer courses to introduce new users to our products, Enterprise Capacity Manager and Complan. Additionally, we are happy to offer customized courses intended to fulfill your needs. Click the button below to read about the different courses we offer.

Expert Consulting

When you need satellite communications expertise, consider Optimal Satcom’s expert consulting services. Whether it is for a proposal effort, a study project, or infrastructure analysis and optimization, we have the expertise and tools to perform complex analytical studies efficiently and cost-effectively and present results in a manner that can be understood by non-technical users. Click the button below to read more about why you should consider Optimal Satcom for your consulting needs.

Strategic Partnering

Optimal Satcom has teamed successfully with many companies in the past to provide a strategic advantage in winning large satellite communications related projects. Using our large suite of highly modular products, we can put together scalable enterprise capacity management solutions that meet the challenges of even the most demanding projects. Click the button below to read more about why you should team with us to accomplish your goal.