Link Analysis Program (LINK)

Analyze multiple digital or analog links simultaneously

Calculate total carrier-to-noise ratio (C/N) or transmit EIRP for a specified link


Assign bandwidth-equivalent power to carriers and compute bandwidth utilized per carrier and power-equivalent bandwidth (PEB)


Predict signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) for an analog signal and energy per bit to noise-power density ratio (Eb/No) for a digital carrier

About Link Analysis Program (LINK™)

LINK is a general-purpose tool for analyzing a communications link between two earth stations via a satellite in any orbit. It takes into account the signal gains and losses in order to determine an overall characterization of the performance of the link. The user specifies the relevant parameters for a single communications link, including information on transmit earth station, satellite transponder, carrier, and receive earth station. LINK then determines the link performance (e.g., required carrier-to-noise ratio (C/N)) or transmit EIRP.

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The Link Analysis Program (LINK) is a stand-alone program. It runs on Windows 10/11.

Licensing and Support

LINK is licensed based on number of concurrent users. It maybe procured either as a perpetual license (CAPEX), or an annual license (OPEX). Perpetual licenses include one year of software upgrade, maintenance, and technical support. Support for perpetual licenses may be renewed annually after the first year. Annual licenses include support, and are required to be renewed annually to continue using the software.