Expert Consulting

We are recognized world experts in SATCOM transmission planning, network design, and optimization


We work with you closely to make sure we fully understand your problem and the desired scope of work

We have sophisticated tools that allow us to model and analyze complex networks quickly


We have extensive in-house databases on most of the world’s satellite systems, and contacts wihtin the industry to obtain information required for accurate planning

Our engineers are experts at making use of the tools and databases at hand to rapidly analyze your problem and perform complex analyses

Using sophisticated visualization techniques, we can produce results that explain complex, multi-faceted results in a way that is understandable by a wide audience

Why Consider Optimal Satcom

When you need satellite communications expertise, consider Optimal Satcom’s expert consulting services. Whether it is for a proposal effort, a study project, or infrastructure analysis and optimization, we have the expertise and tools to perform complex analytical studies efficiently and cost-effectively and present results in a manner that can be understood by non-technical users.

We are highly selective in the kinds of consulting projects we work on, choosing only to undertake projects within our core area of expertise (transmission engineering, satellite capacity management, and SATCOM network design and optimization). These are often projects that pose complex network design problems and require the kinds of analyses that cannot be performed by anyone else in the world.